Visio addin error when Generating Diagram - "External data linking is missing"

Apr 30, 2013 at 5:26 PM
Using the walkthrough guide [1], I've installed the timer job in a SharePoint 2010 development environment VM, it's run & it populated the Topology list in http://spdev/.


I installed the Visio addin in Visio 2010, clicked on SharePoint Topology - Link Data to SharePoint, entered the list name & site URL. I was then able to select all the extra columns/properties to display in the diagram. The SharePoint Network Topology & Service Details tables in Visio underneath a blank diagram are populated with numerous rows of external data.

When I then click on Generate Diagram in Visio, there's an error from the SharePoint Network Topology addin - "External data linking is missing. Please click on 'Link Data to SharePoint' to connect to the SharePoint list created using SharePoint Topology Data Collection Timerjob and try 'Diagram Generation' later.

How can I resolve this problem?